Author Nagesh Sonde

A study in Three Vedic Suktas

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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(Nasadiya, Hiranyagarbha Purusha) Translated from Sanskrit with notes Review :

“It (the book) deserves repeated reading and cogitation. . . translation varies from the traditionally accepted interpretation and I find it revelatory of your insight and reveals the intuitive vision of a rishi to a great extent. Your general way of approach also befits the modern mind. You interpretation of Purusha Sukta is appreciable”.
Swamy Muni Narayana Prasad - Sri Narayan Gurukula, Varkala, Kerala.

“Sri Sonde has characteristic style, original insight. I especially note the interpretation of the word Tamas as not darkness but absence of apprehension”.
Swami Srikanthanandaji, Sri Ramakrishna Yogashra, Petha, Mallur

“The book is thought provoking and needs a careful study for understanding the Vedic Suktas. It presupposes a study of the Upanishads.”.
Dr. D. Rama Rao, in  Tapovana Prasad, Novemebr, 1994, Chinmayananda Ashrama.

“The greatness of Indian Culture lies in its flexibility to change and elasticity of the Vedic tradition. Thus all the religious beliefs of both orthodox and heterodox schools can be understood only when read against  the Vedic tradition.  Continuing the tradition the seers and saints reverberate the same thought in a language  known to their listeners. Thus the study of the Vedic texts and the gospels of the saints correspond so much as to reveal the uninterrupted tradition. The pamphlet of Nagesh D. Sonde confirm the message. . . Thus the books are of immense use to obtain a bird’s eye-view of India religion”.
M. Srimannarayan Murti in Sri Venkateshwara University Oriental Journal, January-December, 1992.