Author Nagesh Sonde

Asmi – Gautama Buddha- Ramana Maharshi

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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A Study on the Teachings of Gautama Buddha- Ramana Maharshi Review :

“The present Book is an honest attempt by its author at studying the lives and teaching of Gautama Buddha and Ramana Maharshi and sincerely presenting his response to them in the hope and belief that they would truly represent the essence of their philosophies. … The book deserves serious consideration and will be read with interest by learned scholars as well as by spiritual seekers.”
Dr Karana Singh, MP New Delhi September 2004

“Asmi I an unusual book, dealing with Self and awareness Exploration of the inward Self is the theme. .. A brief preface and fairly elaborate introduction tell a reader the purpose of the author’s endeavour.  Both these should not be skipped over. … the author recognizes the merit of unflinching devotion  and yet prefers to be rationalin comprehending the great spiritual truths.””
N.B.Patil, Journal of  the Ananataachaarya Indological Research Institute Bombay

Nagesh Sonde takes an intimate look at the knowledge traditions associate dwith Gauatama Buddha and Ramana Maharshi to rediscover the wisdom they encapsulate. A narrative athat is ata once erudite, insightful and eminently readable”.
Pabuddha Bharata  Advait Ashrama, Ramakrishna Mission Mayaavati.