Bhashya on Kena Upanishad

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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Human being is the child of Nature and everything in nature has influenced his thinking. Everything in Nature becomes his integral part. Seeing space spread around him, the unending earth below and the limitless sky above, the twinkling stars hiding when the Sun rises at dawn, seeds sprouting to become plants and tress, bearing flowers and fruits, the fruits containing within themselves innumerable seeds capable of growing in to trees, lowers and fruits, cows bearing calves, and women bearing children, in an successive cycle of creation and re-creation, as it were, death and dissipation not determining them from the life of abundance, he wonders at the earth on which he stands and the sky above him handing as it were without any support, he experiences all-embracing arms of his mother and the protective comfort of his father. While the howling winds frighten him but the cool breeze caressing him, the cool Moon soothes his senses, the luminous Sun guides him to action even as the fires energize his enterprise – all appearing to take active part in his life, both with malevolence and benevolence, all as in a large family, he playing his significant part on a vast stage.