Brihad Aranyak Upanishad Commentary

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad is one of the important and largest collection of the intellectual discussions on the various aspects of spiritual truths. It belongs to Kanava shakha of Shukla Yajurveda and forms part of Shatpatha Brahmana. It contains eight Chapters but commentators have not offered comments only on the last six Chapters, leaving out the first two Chapters which deal predominantly with rituals relating the Ashvamedha sacrifice, with little or no mystical content.

Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad is credited to the sage Yajnyavalkya the son of Devarata and the sister of Vishampayana. With unsurpassed clarity of mind and purity of heart he distinguished him himself as one of the principal disciple of Vaishampayana, with unsurpassed spiritual wisdom and power, equal in eminence to the vedic seers.