By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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How does one become experienced? Where its origin and where its appearance and where its end? Which are its foundations, deep and wide, which when expressed pervade far and wide. Seers, intellectuals, thinkers and philosophers have laid their thoughts extensively before humanity for generations. Has that made the experience of the seers accessible to be wise? If not what is the relevance?  The Book does not attempt to experience afresh but take a glimpse of that inaccessible experience  Therefore, every study is an individual attempt to snatch few moments of that experience, if possible, similar experience if the not the same one. Experience of one cannot be compared with experience of another. He can neither measure the depth of a seer’s experience or its range and many questions remain unanswered.   

The purpose of this small book is an attempt of the smallest of the small to climb the heights of the Himalayas or to find the profound depth of the ocean. Upanishads say that the lump of salt which dived deep the ocean to search its depth became one with and as deep and vast as the ocean.  I want to try, though the efforts may not be consistent. The Lord has assured that The author is no in a hurry but would like to take a step a step further on that Path