Katha Upanishad

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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Exceptionally sensitive Seers have experienced Satya, the Prime Existence and heard the heard the eternal unspoken sound, Anaaht Qvaina in silence within their heart as “some thing which is real and yet waiting to be realized, something which is remote possibility and yet greatest of the facts, something that gives meaning to all that passes and yet eludes apprehension; something whose possession is the final good and yet beyondall reachl something that is the ultimateidealand the hopeless quest” (A.N.Whitehead in Sceince and the Modern World) . Zen Buddhism says : “The Tao is something blurred and indistinct. How indistinct ! How blurred ! Yet withn it are images . . . things . . . mental power. Because this power is the most true within it there is confidence”.
The seers having seen and heard the Prime Existence have found that their experiences sourced through supra-sensory instruments can never be expressed, conveyed, communicated or documented through sensory instruments, nor have ever speak, have never been able or ever spoken their experience fully and in entirety since speech along with mind return not attaining that experience