Krishna – A Study based on Mahabharata

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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``Krishna: A study based on Mahabharata, is Nagesh Sonde’s paean to one of the most beloved of all Indian deities, as observed through the prism of the Mahabharata. An Indian religious philosopher, Mr. Sonde has authored more than 30 books on philosophical and religious subjects. In the present volume, he turns his prodigious learning upon Krishna, the impact he has had upon Indian cultural and religious thought, and his place in the pantheon of the immortals. The majority of the book is a retelling of the Mahabharata, while the latter chapters serve as a metaphysical exposition of Krishna’s various forms and divine essence. Of all Indian deities, Krishna has had the most far-reaching influence upon Indian tradition-and even beyond. A complex, luminous deity, the author contends that ‘Krishna cannot be known through study, intellect or through much listening, but only to him whom he chooses He reveals his true form.’

Culled in part from puranic legends, and from various Indian philosophical and religious treatises, the book offers a glimpse into the life of perhaps the most colourful deity of the Hindu religious tradition, whose impact upon Indian religious and cultural polity has extended over millennia and continues to grow stronger with the passage of time

Organisor – 3-1-2010