By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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I have been writing books primarily on Indian religious philosophies, but have not restricted my study only to Indian philosophies. I have taken interest and have been influenced by religious philosophies in different places, during different periods, living and responding to different racial, social cultural surroundings and situations. The primary purpose of comparative philosophy, I believe, is not to find out which of these religious philosophies speak of the Absolute Prime Existence but how the Absolute Prime Existence has been perceived, experienced, reflected and meditated upon by them bringing out similarity or dissimilarity wherever possible, without being dogmatic, assertive and argumentative, without doubting the enlightenment experienced or justifying the opinions expressed. My journey was sketchy and sporadic in the beginning mental and intellectual, reasonable and rational becoming deeper as I Pursued and reflected on them. Therefore, I do not claim to have been aware of the Prime Existence in any particular manner or to any measure or successful even to little extent.