nagesh Sonde

Narada’s Aphorisms on Bhakti

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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Translated from Sanskrit with notes Review :

“What is special about this publication is that each rendering from Sanskrit Original is followed by exclusive supporting passages from the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and Bhagavat etc. Explanations of nama, japa, sound in Vedic sense and other relevant topics are satisfying . . . The translations are precise and the notes most helpful. A welcome addition to the extant literature on Bhakti”.
Sri Madhav P. Pamdit, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, In Mountain Path, December 1990.

“Mr. Sonde uses the word “Communion” instead of devotion for the Sanskrit word Bhakti. Sage Narada is considered as a Parama Bhagavata  and hence his aphorisms - sutras - on Bhakti are translated and annotated in English for the consumption of all . . .  The author has provided the original sutra in Sanskrit followed by a translation of the same.  After that he provides elaborate discussion on that citing  various references from different texts . . .”
Hindu News Magazine, Madras , 15th October, 1991.