By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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Neither this Book nor any of my earlier Books, were intended for anyone but for myself, all being my personal responses in the course of my study of religious literature. I may have not read as many books as others have done nor can I reproduce the contents extempore as others do; neither have I the scholarship nor the intelligence, as others have, to know the intent of the Seers nor of the Acharyas. Therefore, what I have written is what I have understood, and what I have understood I have recorded since what I have recorded has helped me to become richer having touched the hem of the teachings of the seers and grasp come of the clarifications given by the Acharyas. No one need, therefore, find inmy writings any gems of Wisdom unrevealed, as you may find in books written by many others who having read, studied all the books written by great Acharyas and understood them in entirety, therefore, well qualified to communicate the Wisdom intended to be conveyed by them when they wrote their books.

Therefore this and all my earlier books were certainly not intended for those who are already wise in Wisdom and are fully, completely, wholly and in entirety conscious of the intent of the Seers and the Acharyas.