Shri Shnkara's Sadhana Panchakam with Notes

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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“There are two methods of elucidating an ancient text. One is simplifying the concepts therein fot the benefit of the common people and the other, scholarly exposition of the same concepts to shed a new light on the text. The reviewer feels that the second method has been followed in Sri Nagesh D. Sonde’s highly technical explanation of Sri Shanakara;s work Sadhana Panchakama.

The explanation is quite original and painstakingly done, providing numerous references from almost every part of our sacred literature. The detailed commentary on each line of the verses runs into several pages, graphically analyzing every word of the original. Apart from it, throughout his thought provoking  survey of the concepts mentionedin the text, the commentatorgiveshis original ideas, which are at many timesstriking asnd refreshing  but differ from the traditional standpoint.It shows the writer is an independent thinker and comes to his own unorthodox conclusions, afterhaving gone through huge  mass of literature thoroughly with a modern scientific bent on mind”.

Swami Vireshananda, Editor, Viveka Prabha, in The Vedant Desari – May 2008.