Sri Madhva's Bhashya on Isha Upanishad

By: Nagesh D. Sonde

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A human being is the creation in micro-level; in him are every element, gross and subtle, with which the universe is made up of. In addition he is blessed with a divine spark within and power of discriminationg in Mind, enabling one to reach the unknown using the known. In this manner the aspirant will perceive the whole creation enveloped within His Self and all creation abiding within Him, such ones will not be frightened of Him. In propitiating Yajna one propitiates Vishnu, the all pervador, the all ordainer. Dharma is the fundamental principle on which the whole creation rests for evolution and to the state of bliss. Therefore, just as offering Purusha in the sacrifice was a conscious and willful act, conscious and determined decision to attune oneself to the Divine Intention performing one's actions as sacrifice is as per Krishna’s exhortation to Arjuna to surrender to the divine purpose and intent surrendering all other obligations. Then like Purusha, the human beings too become the instruments in the creative process, with gods as the presiding deities over the powers of Nature as the intermediaries to reach out to the supreme Prime Existence.